Tuya Hasta El Amanecer/ Yours Until Dawn (Spanish Edition)

Tuya Hasta El Amanecer/ Yours Until Dawn (Spanish Edition) - Teresa Medeiros Gabriel Fairchild lost his sight from a blow to his head while serving aboard a naval ship under Lord Nelson. His fiancée abandoned him and his family forced his seclusion in their country estate. Gabriel has become rather beastly and difficult until his new nurse, Samantha Wickersham, shows up to restore order and hope to the household. She also matches him in wit and willfulness, teaching him to adapt to his sightlessness.You just know from the start that things are going to be interesting between these two. Gabriel was considered to be extremely handsome and seductive before his injury so his change in lifestyle was also a serious blow to his self esteem. It’s also obvious that Samantha is hiding something so there’s a bit of intrigue. But mostly, it’s the relationship and banter between Gabriel and Samantha that makes this story special. There’s a lot to like about both of them and their passion is exciting. The entire household staff becomes engaged in Samantha’s tactics, providing humor as they seek to transform Gabriel.This is a delightful story with a steamy romance, a bit of intrigue and a large share of funny moments. This is my first book by this author and I plan to read more of her titles.