Chasing Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 1)

Chasing Perfect - Susan Mallery Charity Jones is a city planner who just accepted a new job in the town of Fool’s Gold. She’s looking for a fresh start after a failed relationship and the recent death of her mother. Josh Golden is a retired professional cyclist who interrupts her first presentation but helps get the deal sealed. He’s gorgeous but is just the type of man she wants to steer clear of. Josh isn’t looking for a relationship either but neither can ignore their mutual attraction.I found the town to be charming, the residents a bit quirky and the friendships between the women of the community refreshing. There’s a shortage of men in Fool’s Gold and the mayor is on a mission to have Charity target businesses that are typically male oriented. I think this is going to be one of the ongoing themes for the series, which should present some funny situations. Charity and Josh made a really good couple, even if her baggage from her past often got in the way. I supported her point of view given her history until she issued a pretty stupid ultimatum near the end. It all worked out (of course) but it was a low point for the character. Josh was a pretty decent guy and he also had a less than stellar moment that put him in the doghouse but his redemption was pretty awesome. I liked how they related to each other even if I didn’t always agree with their points of view. There was a little mystery accompanying the story, nothing spectacular or really substantive but a little something to spice up the plot. A couple of other surprises were pretty huge and made a big difference.I liked this story and it worked pretty well for a first book in a series. I’m looking forward to continuing it, especially the next book as it’s the story for one of the more interesting secondary characters.