Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street, Book 1)

Someone to Watch Over Me  - Lisa Kleypas Grant Morgan had an axe to grind with Vivien Duvall and saw his opportunity when he helped rescue her from the docks of the Thames River. Someone had attempted to kill her but she awoke with a loss of memory. Grant decided it was best for her to stay with him for protection until the perpetrator could be found. He could also get his own retribution in the meantime. However, he never anticipated that he would end up being drawn to the woman with no memory who bore no resemblance to the one he had known. There is as much mystery and suspense in this story as there is romance. Grant is a well-known Bow Street Runner, London's group of elite detectives, so we get to follow the investigation along with the developing relationship between him and Vivien. There are enough clues for the reader to speculate and pinpoint the culprit and the relationship between Grant and Viven is exciting. This book was an unexpected pleasure and I look forward to the next in the series.