First Grave On The Right

First Grave On The Right - Darynda Jones Charley Davidson sees dead people and they see and communicate with her. She's THE grim reaper and it's her job to convince them to go into the light. When their deaths are due to abnormal circumstances, like murder, they often want her to help bring their murderers to justice. Lately, she's been having erotic dreams about someone she saw when she was a young teen. Charley's not sure if he's alive or dead or something else but she's determined to find him.Charley's an offbeat and courageous PI, working with her Uncle Bob, who she calls Ubie (you know, U for Uncle, B for Bob) to help him solve crimes with the help of her dead folks. He and her father, a retired detective, were able to create highly successful careers because of Charley's special gifts. In this debut series story, Charley is working with three dead lawyers who were partners in their law firm and were murdered on the same day. Meanwhile, Charley is also dealing with her own issues with the nightly erotic dreams involving a man she only knows as Reyes. I loved this story, Charley and the quirky cast of characters involved in her life. The dead folks provide a level of humor you'd imagine and Charley's efforts to communicate with them in public without seeming odd herself is pretty inventive. Her pursuit of the answers about Reyes is a separate journey in itself with surprising outcomes.This story has it all...romance, action, mystery, suspense and laughter. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to start this series. It's a great ride.