Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You - Sylvia Day Eva Tramell moves to New York to start a new job for an advertising agency. The day before she's scheduled to start, she decides to do a dry run to the office to ensure she won't be late and everything will go smoothly. When she comes to the assistance of a woman who's dropped the contents of her bag, she looks right into the eyes of Gideon Cross and the immediate attraction is almost palpable for both of them.Eva and Gideon are both pretty interesting individually and as a couple. While he is mega-wealthy, she comes from a comfortable background, which puts them on equal footing of a sort. Both have tragic circumstances that have shaped who they are but Eva seems to have dealt with her demons more than he. Eva tries her best to resist him but Gideon is determined to have her be a part of his life. Many comparisons have been made between this book and Fifty Shades of Grey. While there are some obvious comparisons (wealthy hero who is a bit damaged, young woman who is captivated by him), these are two completely different stories, in my opinion, that stand on their own. Those who resented the virginal character in Fifty Shades will appreciate the stronger willed, experienced Eva. However, I firmly believe the two books should be evaluated on their own merits and not comparatively.While I liked Eva and Gideon's story, theirs was one almost overwhelmed by their sexual attraction with a lot of emphasis on the sex. Even though she appeared to be the most stable of the two, her constant running away was extremely tiresome (she redeems herself by at least acknowledging it). We know that Gideon has issues but aren't certain of the source. Near the end we are introduced to some startling revelations that, of course, has me ready to jump right into the next book.I think this story stands on its own, no matter what your opinion of Fifty Shades of Grey. Enjoy it for the relationship between Eva and Gideon and how they're learning to find their own way. Be forewarned that it is sexually explicit and there's a lot of it. Not a bad thing, just the reality. I'm hooked and will definitely be reading the next book.