Kill and Tell: A Novel

Kill and Tell - Linda Howard Karen Whitlaw is still trying to get over her mother's recent death when she gets a package addressed to her mother from her estranged father, Dexter. He's a Vietnam War veteran who never recovered from his war experience and she hasn't seen him in almost 20 years. She puts the package away without giving the contents much thought and sets off a chain of events completely out of her control. When she's notified of her father's murder, Karen goes to New Orleans to identify his body. We learn at the beginning of the story, from Dexter's perspective, that he was murdered and who actually killed him. Karen is an unwitting participant in an attempt to coverup something her father was involved in and is apparently in the package she received before his death. This story was much more romance than mystery and suspense but I still enjoyed it. Karen ends up being a pretty tough woman and Mark Chastain, the New Orleans detective handling Dexter's murder, is highly appealing, both as an investigator and a romantic interest. I enjoyed the story, even though there were a few plot holes and unexplained events and characters. I'd recommend reading it for the romance, which was pretty steamy, versus high suspense. I do plan to read the next book in the series, which involves a character introduced in this story, John Medina, who was an enigma.