Stone Cold (Camel Club)

Stone Cold - David Baldacci The Camel Club is comprised of a group of men who are sort of a counter culture of their own after having served the country in some form or fashion, enough to be suspicious of the publicly fed information from the government. They lead an odd existence, each with unique quirks and eccentricities, and meet each month to compare notes on what they're hearing from various inside sources. On one of these evenings, they unfortunately become witnesses to a stunning event that puts them in the middle of a situation that threatens the safety of the country and the world. There are several stories going on here that ultimately converge, which is an approach I happen to love for this genre. While it presents a challenge to keep up with all the characters, it certainly heightens the mystery, suspense and intrigue. There are quite a few twists and surprises that make it even better, ultimately leading to a pretty exciting climax, though I had some issues with some things in the ending. Political perspectives are also rampant with multiple points of view to keep it provacative. I highly recommend this book and plan to continue the series.