Tribute - Nora Roberts Cilla McGowan is a former child star from a family of performers and she's now working on becoming a building contractor. Her grandmother was a famous actress and singer and her mother is also in the business. Cilla has returned to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia to restore her grandmother's farmhouse, which has been neglected for more than thirty years since her death. Ford Sawyer is a graphic book writer and artist who lives across the street and becomes interested in what she is undertaking and, well, Cilla, too. Things get dicey when Cilla's property keeps getting maliciously vandalized and she comes under assault from forces unknown.The romance between Cilla and Ford was the highlight of the story for me. While I enjoyed the restoration project and the community of people in the town, Ford's incredible wit, nerdiness and sensitivity made this special. His little dog, Spock, described as being so extraordinarily unattractive that he's cute, was also a big hit. Cilla has a lot of baggage that Ford manages to unpack and put away and his sense of humor made for a lot of quotable moments.The mystery element wasn't the best here as it seem to drag on and my initial instincts about the identity of the killer were on target. There really wasn't much of a suspense element until the end but it was fairly anticlimatic. If you're looking for a really good romance and lots of laugh out loud moments, then you'll enjoy this story.