Mortal Fear

Mortal Fear (Mississippi #1) - Greg Iles Harper Cole is a commodities trader who serves as a systems operator for an exclusive erotic online service at night. The business caters to a rich and famous clientele but recently a stranger has infiltrated the network security and has brutally murdered six clients. Harper comes under suspicion and sets out to lure the real killer into the open, risking all he treasures in the meantime.The killer in this story is clever, resourceful and chilling. Harper puts himself in law enforcement's sights when he deduces a connection between the murders and the online service and finds himself working for and against the investigation. He makes some decisions that become utterly chilling as he sets a trap for the killer. I was riveted by the story, at times disliking Harper and at others being completely sympathetic.This is my kind of suspense...being kept on the edge of my car seat (I listened to the audiobook) and finding reasons to take a drive just to hear more of the story. It wasn't tough to keep up with but there are quite a few twists and turns. I'll be reading more from this series.