Never Seduce a Scot: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs

Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks The Montgomerys and the Alexanders have been rivals for some time, both with good reason to have animosity towards the other. When the King of Scotland decrees that the Armstrong daughter, Eveline, and Graeme Montgomery, the laird of the clan, must marry, both clans recognize that they have no choice but to comply. Graeme is distraught because Eveline is believed to be "touched" and he will not force himself on someone without the ability to exercise free will, thus foregoing the opportunity to produce an heir. The Armstrongs are outraged as they are very protective of Eveline, who is actually deaf and has learned to read lips. And, she has a reason for perpetuating the myth to everyone that she is daft. However, she's intrigued by the rugged warrior and sees this as an opportunity to have the life she'd dreamed of, being a wife and mother.This story has everything, romance, mystery and suspense, action and intrigue. Add in the compelling Scottish highlanders in both clans and you have the beginnings of a delicious series. Graeme is attractive in so many ways and is a really good leader of his clan. Eveline is beautiful, resourceful and really tries to make the best of a difficult situation, all the while being really attracted to Graeme and he her. It doesn't take long for him to deduce that Eveline is not "touched" and the relationship they create is romantic and seductive.The action centers around the reluctance of some members of the clan to accept Eveline, understandable given the history between the two families and hatred running deep. There are those inside the clan and outside factions that want to see this union fail. It's an extremely interesting story and a great romance. I loved everything about this book and am looking forward to the next in the series. As usual, Banks' has applied her unique story telling skills against the backdrop of the Scottish medieval period with wonderfully defined characters. I hated for this book to end.(I received an ARC from NetGalley)