Once Burned (Night Prince, Book 1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Leila ended up with telepathic and electrical powers following an accident as a young girl that also left her scarred. The experience changed her life forever, relegating her to a life of loneliness and solitude until the night she was kidnapped and asked to channel the world's most famous...and dangerous...vampire, Vlad Tepesh, known as the Prince of the Night.Vlad is his typical arrogant, intimidating self in this story and as always, he has the goods to back all that attitude up! He becomes intrigued by the innocent but plucky Leila, enough to keep her around until he has a chance to determine her usefulness and if she's being straight with him. Someone is trying to get to Vlad and Leila's powers provide assistance in identifying and tracking the foe. The interplay between these two sizzle with electricity...literally and figuratively and Vlad seems to have found someone up to the challenge of being with him.I've looked forward to this book since it was announced and it delivered. Leila is an interesting young woman and she seems to be holding her own with the difficult Vlad. He's not sure of his feelings because it's been a long time since he's had to or wanted to care about anyone so Vlad's not on sure footing. Their romance is erotic and charged and I liked them together. The action is exciting and the characters surrounding them are equally interesting (anyone else pulling for a separate story for Maximus?).This is a great start to this spinoff series and there's promise that there may be more than one or two books going forward. If so, I'm in.