The Sweetest Thing (A Lucky Harbor Novel)

The Sweetest Thing - Jill Shalvis Tara Daniels, the oldest of the Traeger sisters, was the most reluctant to return to the town of Lucky Harbor. She left when she was 17 and pregnant and now at 34, returning to the scene of so much pain and failure isn't part of her life's plan. Known as the Steel Magnolia because of her Southern ways and tough, bossy nature, she's going to do her part to get the inn ready for sale and then move on with her life. However, the man who caused her so much pain as a teenager is determined to rekindle that old flame and keep things heated, but for how long?I knew Tara's story would be complicated, tangled and oh so interesting and it certainly delivers that and much more. I had a suspicion as to who her former lover was and we weren't kept guessing very long. Their reconnection was a three-alarm fire and both were still skittish but Tara moreso. And, there was a hugh surprise in store for the both of them that added another layer of complication and intrigue. Lastly, Tara's ex-husband shows up, determined to throw his hat in the ring. Sisters Chloe and Maddie get a real kick out of seeing the buttoned up and stoic Tara thrown for a loop. Chloe in particular cannot resist taking digs at Tara, not in a mean-spirited way as the three of them have begun to bond as sisters. When the town gets involved in this little triangle, the story becomes absolutely hilarious. It's small town living at its finest, or low point, depending on your perspective.I loved this story and read it in one day because I wanted to know what was around the next corner. This was a winner and I'm deliberately leaving out details because it will be important for you to discover them on your own, as I did. Settle back and just enjoy it.