Simply Irresistible (A Lucky Harbor Novel)

Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis After Maddie Moore loses her job and boyfriend, she leaves Los Angeles to start over by claiming the inheritance left by her estranged, free-spirited mother. Moving to Washington state and taking over the Lucky Harbor Inn represents a new beginning for her and a chance to establish a relationship with her two half-sisters who she barely knows and hasn't seen in five years. As she nears the town, she almost takes out Jax Cullen on his bike and that begins an attraction that just won't go away.Of course, when Maddie reaches the inn, it's not in great shape and loaded with debt. Her sisters have no interest in hanging around Lucky Harbor and want to do what they need to do to get the property ready for resell. This is Maddie's last chance to stand up for what she wants (she's been labeled "The Mouse" by her late mother) and convince her sisters to give the renovated inn a chance. Things are further complicated when Jax becomes determined to make a relationship connection with a badly burned Maddie who just isn't ready to take that kind of chance again.I really liked this story with its quaint, small harbor town feel, quirky and gossiping neighbors and residents. Each sister is uniquely different with the oldest sister, Tara referred to as the Steel Magnolia and baby sister Chloe as the Wild One. Maddie is so committed to making the inn a go and finding a way to create a family with her sisters who don't know how to not bicker with each other. Jax is a man with a storied background but is well grounded in who he is and what he wants for himself, seemingly perfect for the troubled and insecure Maddie. He gives her the space to be herself but is keeping some secrets that have the potential of blowing everything apart.The book is the first of at least three stories focused on the sisters and nicely creates the foundation for what's to come. Small town living is aptly captured and the tension between the sisters is well balanced, not so over the top that finding middle ground would be unrealistic, just enough to keep things interesting. Where I had issues was with Maddie's character. She's been damaged by her past and sworn off any type of relationship with men. She wears her heart on her sleeve but leads with her chin, time and time again. I must admit I found her reluctance to commit to Jax tiresome after a point as even she acknowledged he was someone special. Her rationale began to ring untrue and it mired the story near the end.Aside from the Maddie issues, this was a fun and interesting book, especially since there were so many other interesting secondary characters that provided flavor. It's a solid beginning and I jumped right into the next book (Tara's story). I'm rating it 3.5 stars because of Maddie but rounding to 4.0 because it's so much better than an average story.