A Kiss at Midnight

A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James Kate Daltry's life changed drastically when her father died and left everything to her stepmother who didn't think it necessary to do more than provide her shelter. She's now 23 and needs to pretend to be her stepsister Victoria and accompany her fiance to visit his uncle, a Prince from the mythical principality called Marburg. He needs to approve the betrothal before Victoria can marry. Never mind that they look nothing alike.This fresh approach to a timeless fairy tale was utterly delightful. Kate is witty, smart and resolute. Gabriel is equal parts "charming" and interesting, not your typical idle prince in the least. Though stepmother Mariana is the classic witch with a "b", not all others in this story fit the stereotypes of the classic. There are just enough twists on the tale to keep things lively and the surrounding characters almost eclipse the main ones but fall short of this, just enough. They are delightful and there is witty dialogue throughout to set a formidable pace. If you think this is just another spin on an timeworn story, think again. The writing is superb and the characterizations so well done you'll want a separate story for at least three of the secondary roles. The romance is seductive with Gabriel and Kate having more than the ball to get to know one another and develop a relationship. I also lost count of the laugh out loud moments.The story is a real treat and I'm looking forward to reading the other fairy tales in the series and discovering the new spins on the old stories. Nicely done.