Charade - Sandra Brown Soap opera star Cat Delaney receives a new heart, getting a new life while on the same day several others lost theirs. She's never wanted to know anything about her donor, content to move forward with her life unencumbered. Cat leaves her show and moves to St. Antonio, Texas to explore her new passion, finding permanent homes for kids in foster care. All goes well until she learns that other heart recipients who received their transplants on the same day are mysteriously dying from accidents. Around the same time, she meets crime fiction writer Alex Pearce and embarks on a relationship of sorts. Together they work to uncover who may be targeting Cat and why as the anniversary date of her transplant nears. I enjoyed the story and the characters, even though I figured out the killer fairly early, red herrings and all. The multiple storylines running parallel with Cat's made this even more enjoyable as the case became more complex. The relationship between Alex and Cat was high octane, including their almost constant tension, made palatable because of her penchant for honesty and his for secrets. It's a suspenseful story that kept my interest to the end. This is one of the better books by the author.