Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, Book 1)

Dead Witch Walking  - Kim Harrison Getting through this book was a real slog. It starts out with Rachel Morgan, a witch runner for the Interlander Security (I.S.), being portrayed as a real formidable character only to then be relegated over the next 200 pages as being butt-kicked as she struggles to survive a life contract put out on her by her former employer (maybe).The same can be said for her former co-worker now partner, Ivy Tamwood, a living vampire who spends most of the book in a pout, snit or out of vamp control. Sounds like I didn't like the book? Heavens no.Where Harrison had failings in developing her main characters, she made up for it with creating one of the most fascinating worlds and secondary characters I've read about in some time. It certainly is unique in many ways and definitely intriguing. I'm still unsure of whether those portrayed as the bad guys really are and some of those good ones give me pause. Having humans and paranormals co-exist together in full knowledge of each other adds another interesting element, no matter that that existence is one of mistrust. That adds an air of realism and suspense to it all. There are some extraordinary action sequences that turned the slog into a fast page turner. I went from days getting to page 200 to finishing the next 150 in hours. Jenks, Rachel's wise-cracking pixie partner, was definitely a highlight, as well as the enigma called Trent, who is one scary guy. And then there's Nick who shows up at the right time with the right solutions...he's one of the good guys I'm not sure I'm ready to trust right now. One other serious version was a downloaded eBook copy from the library that had a TON of typos, so much so that it interfered with my reading. I found this surprising given the publisher. This was a solid first entry in a series I've just decided to continue. My advice is to hang in there with the first half of the book as it pays off.