Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Immortals After Dark, Book 3)

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night - Kresley Cole Bowen MacRieve of the Lykae clan has lived a life of isolation and solitude after the death of Mariah, the one woman that was meant for him. During the Hie games, which Bowe entered in an attempt to win a prize that would transport him back in time to reverse history, Mariketa the Awaited cast a spell on him that prevents him from healing. She did this in retaliation for him entombing her in a cave in Guatemala.The story opens with events prior to Bowe losing the games to Sebastian. We learn how it came to pass that Mariketa cast her spell. He returns home to heal, severly wounded, missing a hand and an eye. He soon learns he needs to retrieve Mariketa or face the beginnings of a real Accession of the Lorekind.Mariketa and Bowe had an attraction before they were at odds with each other. That became one of the puzzles of this story as Mariah should have been the only woman meant for Bowe but the sexual tension between them before the games and after he returns to get her is undeniable. While there is some conflict in this story, it's mostly about the development of the relationship between the two of them. However, the action at the end of the story makes up for what was missing in the middle. Mariketa's discovery of her powers as they journey back was also quite interesting and she holds her own with the seriously Alpha male called Bowe. He is forced to evolve as he works to convince Mariketa that she belongs to him (he evolves to replace "to" with "with").We also get more of Nix, who is truly nutty but for once I was able to follow her convoluted messages. Mariketa's friend Carrow is introduced in this story as well. And, let's not forget the ultimate demon brothers, Rydstrom and Cade, who we better see more of in the future.I was a big fan of Bowe's before this story and that didn't change. It kept me interested even though the action paled in comparison to the last book.