Always Time to Die : A Novel

Always Time to Die : A Novel - Elizabeth Lowell Carolina "Carly" May is a genealogist who was invited by the eccentric aunt of New Mexico's governor, Josh Quintrell, to come to their Taos ranch to compile a record of the Quintrell/Castillo family. She arrives following the death of the family patriarch, A. J. Quintrell, a former U.S. senator. However, digging up the past is creating trouble within the family and Carly finds herself on unsafe footing. Dan Duran, a former Army Ranger and now an agent for St. Kilda was born and raised in the Taos community with ties to the family. He decides to come to Carly's aid both in her research and to protect her from unknown factions.This is a complicated story as you must keep track of the genealogy of both the Quintrell and Castillo families, along with the progeny from the Senator's exploits outside of marriage. The dynamics within the family are interesting and complex and you will find yourself stumbling around trying to keep up but you'll be intrigued enough to stick with it. The developing relationship between Carly and Dan is well written and the dialogue witty. My complaint with the book lies in the ending. The story was well crafted to lead to an exciting climax that was rushed and abrupt. It took the wind out of the sails of a pretty fascinating tale, enough for me to drop the rating to 3.5 stars. I'm rounding to 4 because everything leading up to this was pretty compelling. And, we don't learn very much about St. Kilda Consulting!! I guess I'll have to read the next book for those answers.