The Missing: A Thriller

The Missing (Darby McCormick #1) - Chris Mooney Darby McCormack witnessed a murder when she was in high school. The killer attempted to silence the witnesses but Darby survived. Twenty-five years later, a woman's abduction bears an uncanny likeness to that case. Darby is now a forensice investigator for the Boston Police Department and finds herself confronting the nightmare of her past in the present. This story was pretty chilling for me and moved pretty swiftly. Darby is a skilled investigator and the forensic evidence was described in simple terms that helped you follow the case and connect the dots. The villains are diabolical and will make your skin crawl.Since it is a mystery I won't share much detail. What made it utterly suspenseful for me was I figured out a crucial part of the case pretty early on and worried that harm would come to Darby and team throughout the book. There are surprising twists at the end of the story that you will not see coming.This is a very good debut novel and Mooney is a pretty good storyteller. I'm looking forward to the next book.