The Immortal Highlander (The Highlander Series, Book 6)

The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Dageus MacKeltar, twin brother of Drustan, is a 16th century Scot trapped between worlds and is fighting a losing battle with the 13 Druids who possess his soul. He's running out of time before he's doomed to an eternity of evil. Chloe Zanders, a student of antiquities is drawn into his world accidentally and is caught up in the ancient prophecy that will take her back into time to medieval Scotland along with Dageus. This was indeed a darker story than any of the others in the series to date, which made it much more interesting. It begins following Dageus' sacrifice to save Drustan and he is living with the consequences, having broken the oath he's destined to live with the dark. He continues to resist those dark forces who need his soul in order to gain release. Chloe soon becomes an ally, working feverishly to help him figure out how to avoid having this happen. Of course, there's plenty of steam between these two and Chloe has a pretty decent sense of humor. She's also pretty smart and Dageus recognizes that she's "the one" after these many years. The forces they must deal with are pretty formidable and the time travel has a little different twist this time.The ending was pretty exciting and astonishing in comparison to the previous stories. I'm still enjoying this series and the character continuation. I'll be sorry to see it end.