The Darkest Hour (A KGI Novel)

The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks Former Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly lost his wife, Rachel a year ago and since then has been overwhelmed with grief. He has shut himself off from those close to him, resisting his brothers' efforts to bring him aboard Kelly Group, International (KGI), a security specialist organization headed by his older brothers. Then, on the anniversary of Rachel's death, Ethan receives information claiming she is alive. This story goes through several transitions, from Ethan's despair upon the anniversary of Rachel's death, to the shock of her potential discovery and then the mystery surrounding the whole situation. The entire Kelly clan is introduced, including the parents, and we learn a lot about KGI. There are quite a few exciting and riveting moments as well more touching moments involving Rachel and Ethan. The dynamics of the brothers' relationships are also presented, providing even more complexities to the story. There were elements of the story I found puzzling and made me question the judgment and skill of the brothers involved in KGI. No one ever questioned who provided the information about Rachel's whereabouts, nor was there a sense of elevated concern about her security. It bugged me throughout but not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the story. This was an excellent launch of the series as it set the foundation very well without bogging the book down with lots of information or interfering with the pace of the story. I can't wait to start the next book in the series.