Bitten: A Novel (Women of the Otherworld)

Bitten  - Kelley Armstrong Elena Michaels lives in Toronto with her architect boyfriend, Philip, and is a writer for a magazine. For all appearances, she seems like a typical modern woman. Except she's a werewolf, which she keeps secret from Philip. Elena was bitten by someone she trusted and now her world has changed forever, though she struggles for normalcy.Circumstances arise that cause Elena to return to the home of the Pack where she was taken care of following her bite. She still carries resentment for Clay, one of the members of the Pack who she was involved with in the past, but has returned at the request of Jeremy, the Pack leader. The Pack is under assault and her skills are required to help defeat the antagonists, who haven't been identified.The world created in this story is an intriguing one, with significant differences from other paranormal wolf stories I've read in the past. The characters are well defined and there is quite a bit of excitement as the Pack, led by Jeremy, try to defend themselves and defeat their attackers. The mystery behind the plot will keep you plugged into this story as well.What undermined the story for me is the triangle involving Elena, Clay and Philip. I'm not a fan of these type storylines and throughout the book, I was just bugged that Elena's duplicity with Philip now included a love conflict involving another man. If that's not an issue for you, then you'll love this story. If it is, you'll probably end up where I am in evaluating the story. In spite of this element, the book is well written and I ended up in a good place. I do plan to continue the series, at least for one more book.