Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Bridgerton Series, Book 4)

Romancing Mister Bridgerton - Julia Quinn Colin Bridgerton was considered by those among the ton as the charming, good natured one of the Bridgerton sons. Deep insided, he longed to have his own identity born of something more substantive than those adjectives. Penelope Featherington has surpassed the respectable age for participating in the seasons for the marriage minded and is settling into her role as that of a 28 year old spinster, along with her best friend, Eloise Bridgerton. She's been in love with Colin since she was 16 but only from afar. Penelope is the bright, intelligent one of the Featherington sisters but also the shy, quiet one who has never been able to capture the eye or attention of a suitor.I know this is considered to be Colin's story but for me it's where Penelope shines. Her sense of humor, wit and intelligence are at the forefront and the story is so well told that you're left with the same query Colin has...why hasn't anyone noticed this woman before? I was very pleased that the romance never felt one-sided, as if it was some fluke on Colin's part that he falls in love with Penelope. She's much more appealing than most of the vapid women comprising the London aristocracy and holds her own throughout the book. Colin is adorable and he becomes more endearing when he doesn't run from his feelings but reaches out to understand and embrace them.This is a well written tale of what appears to be, on the surface, the romance of two opposites who couldn't be better suited. Penelope brings out the best in Colin and he, in turn, gives her the confidence to believe in herself. There is a scene when he is at a Featherington family gathering with Penelope that took my breath away. It is one of the highlights of the book.We also learn the identity of Lady Whistledown, which added lots of fun and intrigue. Most of the Bridgertons appear as well, engaging in snappy, lively dialogue that moves the story forward very nicely. I'm still loving this series and am anxious to start the next book.