Secrets of the Lost Summer

Secrets of the Lost Summer - Carla Neggers Olivia Frost was a successful graphic designer working for a top design firm in Boston...until she was professionally betrayed by her best friend. Olivia decides to move back to her hometown of Knights Bridge and turn the period home she recently purchased into a destination travel location. Dylan McCafferty comes into the picture when she contacts him in San Diego, asking him to clean up his adjacent property, which has been vacant since purchase for over two years. He had no idea he owned the property.Just about everyone in this story suffers from an inability to open up to anyone, including themselves, about their true feelings. From Olivia, to her sister, Jess, her parents...the list goes on. Olivia suffers a devastating betrayal by her supposed friend Marilyn, which makes her leave her job and pursue a different career. However, you never get a sense that Olivia is really hurt and she never expresses her feelings about it to anyone until the near the end of the story. Because no one in this story was ever opening up about their feelings, it was impossible to connect to anyone.Layered into the story was a mystery as to why and how Dylan's house came to be purchased by his deceased father. While it was interesting, it became the central focus, eclipsing the relationship between Dylan and Olivia. There were so few romantic interludes between the two, I often forgot that they were supposed to be finding an emotional connection. Their physical relationship doesn't occur until nearly the end of the book. You would think that after that kind of buildup, much time would be devoted to their finally was barely a page.This is an interesting story but not a romantic one. Perhaps if someone in this town was willing to truly bare their souls, at a minimum to the reader, I may have become more invested in the outcome. By the end of the story, I really didn't care.(I received an ARC from the publisher.)