You Can't Hide

You Can't Hide (Romantic Suspense,#5) - Karen Rose Tess Ciccotelli, a psychiatrist, is being set up to look like she’s played a role in the deaths of her patients. Aidan Reagan, a Chicago police detective, was assigned to the case involving her first patient’s death and soon realizes Tess isn’t to blame. However, he’s having a tough time trying to protect her and her patients when Tess insists on protecting their privacy. And, things get complicated when the relationship between the two gets…well, complicated.This story was riveting and no one was sacred. I went back and forth throughout the story, trying to figure out who could be the perpetrator. I won’t say much more (this is a mystery) but I ended up being right with my first choice. Tess and Aidan’s romance was sexy and touching but balanced within the story. The crimes were creative and often completely unexpected. It’s an edgy story and it pulls no punches. By the time the story ended, I wasn’t trusting too many of the characters and was making a list of who might be next! This is a page turner and the best in the series to date, which is saying something because they’ve all been great.Rose continues to distinguish herself as a master storyteller and queen of this genre.