Seduction of a Highland Lass (McCabe Trilogy)

Seduction of a Highland Lass - Maya Banks Alaric McCabe has agreed to marry Rionne McDonald, heir to laird Gregor McDonald’s clan. He’s doing so to help forge an alliance between the two clans to become a formidable force in facing the evil Duncan Cameron. Cameron is attempting to overthrow the current King David, which will threaten both clans’ livelihoods, and has already harmed the McCabe family. Alaric is ambushed and almost killed while on his way to the McDonald keep. His horse finds his way (with him on him) to Keeley McDonald’s doorstep. She’s a healer who was outcast from the clan and takes Alaric in and begins nursing him back to health.I absolutely loved this story as both Alaric and Keeley acknowledged their feelings for each other early on so there was none of that tiresome angst. The conflict for these two comes from external forces as Alaric is betrothed to Rionne and that marriage is critical for the McCabe clan. This is also yet another book in this series where the woman is formidable in her own right. Keeley becomes essential to the McCabes as they are without a healer and she endears herself to the clan members. The romance between these two is so perfectly crafted and the steam meter is pretty high. Maya Banks keeps proving herself as a good storyteller and an expert in developing romantic relationships. This isn’t the first work of hers that I’ve read and I continue to be impressed. It’s a good story with well-developed characters that you’ll find appealing. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.