Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander Series)

Beyond the Highland Mist  - Karen Marie Moning, Phil Gigante Adrienne de Simone is suddenly transported from present day to the 16th century and informed she’s about to be married. Her fiancé? Sidheach (Hawk) James Lyon Douglas, the laird of Dalkeith. She has no idea how she came to be in another century and is extremely unhappy about being betrothed. Hawk is being forced into marriage by the current King James, whose mission is to torment him, and he’s just as unhappy about the situation. However, he soon finds out that Adrienne is not the woman he thought she would be and he sets out to win her heart.I enjoyed the story and both Adrienne and Hawk. While she could be frequently irritating because of her decision to be less than forthcoming with Hawk, Adrienne’s behavior made sense when you considered all she was being asked to face. Hawk was an extremely appealing character with a great sense of humor and deliciously drawn. His devotion to Adrienne was admirable, considering his past and that he was forced into the relationship. There are lots of other secondary characters that help make this a more full bodied story, including the dastardly smithy, Adam Black who becomes a wedge between Adrienne and Hawk. I know we’ll see more of him in the series, as we should! If you’ve read the Fever series, you’ll recognize some of the references to characters (including Adam) and the Fae world. However, the similarities end there as this story doesn’t have the level of fantasy or mythology found in that series. But, it holds its own as a good paranormal, historical romance. I’m looking forward to continuing the series.