Ice Blue

Ice Blue - Anne Stuart Chloe Underwood is an American living in Paris, working as a children’s book translator. She decided to forgo the medical career path taken by the rest of her family and is living abroad trying to gain some excitement in her life. She is fluent in a number of languages and shares an apartment with her co-worker Sophie, who is only looking for wealthy boyfriends to support her lifestyle. Sophie makes a last minute request of Chloe to replace her on a weekend job at a business meeting held at a Chateau outside of Paris. Chloe decides to do so because the money is appealing.Things start to go south pretty quickly when the participants of the meeting are immediately suspicious of the change in translators. They are actually participating in illegal arms trade and debate whether they need to kill her. One of the participants, Bastien Toussaint, is actually an undercover agent for a private organization battling terrorist operations. He’s not your typical agent for a not so typical organization and has his own reservations about Chloe, wondering if she’s working for someone else and out to do him in.This is not your typical romantic suspense story and it moves more like an espionage thriller. Chloe truly is an innocent but no one is willing to take the risk and she’s marked for death. Bastien vacillates between allowing her to be killed and risking his life and cover in order to save her. She has an immediate attraction to him but is also repelled by his ruthlessness. The book moves at a very fast pace and no relationship is sacred. You are unsure of friend or foe from one moment to the next, including Bastien. I found it to be an extremely interesting story but the romance was sometimes hard to swallow. It wasn’t clear as to why Bastien was attracted to Chloe, even though her attraction to him seemed to be a bit more understandable. Nevertheless, the book kept my interest throughout and I found myself rooting for them as a couple so something worked. The ending was quite abrupt and I’m hoping the series includes more about the future of these two.