Dance with the Devil (Dark-Hunter, Book 4)

Dance with the Devil - Sherrilyn Kenyon Talon has lived over 500 years as a man without emotion. He's the Dark Hunter that Acheron can always count on for his steadiness and clear thinking...until the night he meets Sunshine when he rescues her from an attack by a group of Daimons. Talon is injured in the process and she helps him to her place where he stays to recuperate. The intrigue, suspense and romance in this story held my attention and kept me turning the pages. I liked Talon from the start and Sunshine was refreshing. The deceptions perpetrated by the gods kept everyone, including me, off balance. I didn't want to skip a word lest I miss something. Every time there was a lull it was literally the calm before the storm. It seemed as all had ulterior motives so trust was tenuous at best, except between Talon and Sunshine who were at the center of all the action. I don't want to provide any more details so as not to spoil the experience for other readers. Zarek was introduced in this story and his is next. I cannot wait to find out more about this tragic and fearsome Dark Hunter. This is a great series that builds it's own mythology on that of the Greeks and Romans in a credible and captivating way.