The Perfect Hope: Book Three of the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy (The Inn Trilogy)

The Perfect Hope (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #3) - Nora Roberts Beckett Montgomery is one of the three brothers who comprise the Montgomery Family Contractors. He's the architect and together they're renovating the old Inn BoonsBoro. Clare Brewster works right around the corner in her Turn the Page bookstore, a business she started after her husband was killed in action in Iraq. She returned home to be with family and in a community that would be helpful in raising her three young sons.Beckett has had a crush on Clare since she was 15 years old but she only had eyes for her husband, Clint, at that time. Now, five years have elapsed since his untimely death and both find themselves drawn to each other. The whole town is watching the renovation and their burgeoning relationship (it's a small town). There are so many light moments in this story. Whether it's when Beckett is interacting with Clare's boys or his banter with his brothers, I found myself laughing out loud on quite a few occasions. Clare also has two friends, Avery and Hope, to provide girlfriend moments that help us get a gauge on where she is in her feelings about Beckett. I much prefer this approach than having to read the musings going on in a character's mind. It makes for more interesting reading. The same is true with Beckett as he endures his brothers' ribbings as his relationship with Clare develops.I happen to have a great interest in interior design and building construction so I cannot gauge whether the descriptions about the two are overly so in the story. I launched the website for the actual Inn BoonsBoro while reading about the construction and decorating, which provided real time visualization and made it fun. Some might find this shameless marketing but it does seem like it was more of a chronicling of a labor of love.I liked the romance between Beckett and Clare but, quite frankly, the romantic scenes were curtailed more than I'm used to seeing in a NR book. There were far too few interludes between this couple and not just because of Clare's Mommy duties. However, the scenes involving Beckett and Clare's adorable sons were heartwarming and added to the romance.This is a story you're going to like with characters you'd like to meet and hang out with. I like the start of this trilogy and cannot wait for the next two books.