When You Dare (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor)

When You Dare - Lori Foster I read the prequel for this series, Ready, Set, Jett before starting this book (It's in the anthology called The Guy Next Door). While it's not critical to do so, I recommend you read it it as it's helpful and pretty good. Dare Macintosh goes to Mexico to rescue the sister of his closest friend and sometimes work partner. She was abducted by human traffickers and when he found her, there was another woman with her who was unconscious. Rather than leave her, Dare brought her out with Alani. Turns out, she's the infamous romantic suspense writer, Molly Alexander and it's clear her abduction had nothing to do with human trafficking. The story centers around Dare and Molly attempting to figure out who ordered her abduction and abuse. Molly hired Dare to continue to protect her in the meantime and both recognize they are attracted to each other beyond a victim/protector relationship. The first half of the book is very interesting and the premise of the story is intriguing as other attempts to abduct Molly are made following her rescue. Dare is an enigma so learning about him is also a reason to keep reading. Somewhere around the halfway point, the story starts to lose it's way. There's a lot of repetition as both Molly and Dare analyze their feelings. Yes, this is something different for both, they've never been attracted to anyone in quite this way, etc., etc., etc. We get it the first time but for some reason, it bore repeating on many occasions. I hung in there because you just knew this was the lull before the proverbial storm where we would see an exciting climax. Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. Yes, there was a fairly rousing end but not at the level I was expecting. I loved the characters in this book and the prequel and they provided a level of enjoyment. The premise allowed for so many opportunities to keep me on the edge of my seat but it didn't deliver. It was a good story that could have been excellent. I plan to continue the series with the hope that the next book reaches the level of suspense and excitement I'm looking for.