Feeling the Heat (Harlequin Desire)

Feeling the Heat (Harlequin Desire) - Brenda Jackson Derringer Westmoreland is handsome, seductive and a ladies man. He's not ready for a committed relationship and makes no bones about it. Lucia Conyers has secretly been in love with Derringer since she was eighteen but he hardly knows she exists.When Derringer suffers a horseback riding accident, Lucia rushes to his home to see for herself that he's not seriously injured and to offer her help. When she arrives, she finds him over medicated and over stimulated. What happens next is out of the ordinary for them both.This next installment of the Denver Westmorelands lives up to the previous stories. The relationship between Lucia and Derringer sizzles at times and also offers a lovely romance. Their first encounter was steamy and then they stepped back to let the relationship catch up. Think of a romance in reverse and you have a good idea of their story.Both characters are very likeable and Lucia, following her first rash moment with Derringer, is a practical, attractive woman of substance. You will find yourself rooting for both of them and will get caught up in their idea of romance.(I received an ARC copy for review from NetGalley.)