Chaos in Death

Chaos in Death (In Death Series) - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen Eve Dallas is back in New York after facing her monsters in Dallas, only to be confronted with a new one on her home turf. Three people are dead, viciously assaulted by someone who, well, looks like a monster. It was great to see Lt. Dallas back in form as she tackles the latest case. She and Peabody were again in typical form, with their typical banter and investigating procedures. We also see brief interludes with some of the others but, yes, it was too brief. I'm not a fan of the novellas and this one doesn't do anything to change my opinion. Just as you settle back to immerse yourself in the case, it ends...just enough to whet your appetite but not quite enough to satisfy it. I'll still keep reading them and will continue to be a huge fan of the series but I'm glad I waited my turn at the library for this story.