Straight to Heaven: Lilith Straight Series (Volume 2)

Straight to Heaven: Lilith Straight Series - Nancy Fulda, Michelle Scott Lillith Straight is a thirty-something divorced mother of an eight year old daughter who is struggling to make ends meet. To further complicate her life, she has her ex-husband’s young niece and her stepsister living with her. And, oh, by the way, she “dies” after being hit by a car, the Devil appears to claim her soul and she now has to work for him as a reincarnated succubus.To say Lillith struggles with her new circumstances is putting it mildly. She’s pretty bad at being a succubus initially, really struggling to overcome her true nature of being at her best with the world even in the face of chaos. Lillith’s life before the accident was no bed of roses, especially since she doesn’t have a regular paying job, her house burned down and the insurance company isn’t cooperating, her niece is acting out and having food on the table is, well, a luxury. Her stepsister, Jasmine, doesn’t seem to want to work and her niece is self-destructive (and was also responsible for the house burning down). As if there weren’t enough people for Lillith to support, Jasmine’s boyfriend, Tommy, starts occupying the living room couch.This isn’t your typical succubus tale…no X-rated scenes here. The real substance of this story begins, however, when Lillith is faced with choices to help protect and provide for her unconventional family. Does she succumb to the allure of the Devil, who can provide for her and her family in the manner well-beyond survival or does she look to God for help, which would be a first for her. Lillith is no different from the every-day person who is just trying to provide for her family, do the right thing and have a love life in the meantime. It’s a constant tug-of-war in trying to figure out not only the right path to take but who’s going to be able to really deliver. There’s also an interesting cast of characters, from Lillith’s “handler” Miss Spry to the sexy incubus, William, who she’s unwillingly drawn to, and her adopted father who raised her from the age of three following her mother’s departure. This is a well-written story, told with wry humor and realism. Identifying good versus evil isn’t the issue; the circumstances may muddy the waters and it’s not as easy a choice as you might think. But, you’ll find yourself identifying with Lillith and her decisions, even though you know it may not be the acceptable “right” thing to do. No matter what course she selects, Lillith does what she feels is best for the people around her. There is an especially disturbing choice she makes near the end that will make you cringe. I was left wondering what she will have to deal with in the long run as a result of her actions. As disappointed as I was with Lillith, I’m invested enough in her to wait for the next installment in this series. (I received an ARC from the author)