In the Arms of Danger (Montana Men, Book 1)

In the Arms of Danger (Montana Men, Book 1) - Jaydyn Chelcee Sheriff Danger Blackstone seizes Lacey Weston from the shadows of the streets of Rimrock, Montana. She believes him to be the man she witnessed murdering a woman in a nearby valley; he has no idea what she's up to but is suspicious of her behavior. From here, they begin a long dance of trying to figure out if each can trust the other and try to find the killer together.Honestly, I almost "pulled the bookmark" on this book because of the first quarter of the book. The dialogue between Danger and Lacey was driving me insane. The banter was juvenile and unending. Once the story moved from the Sheriff's office, it became much more interesting and I was drawn to the outcome of both their romance and the unsolved mystery.There were other issues with the development of the storyline. The author seeks to protract the romantic tension with the trust issue but it made no sense from Lacey's perspective. How could Danger be the killer who is after Lacey when he saves her life on multiple occasions? Her behavior and rants were maddening. Once she decided to trust Danger, Lacey became a much more likable character. Danger always was but there was way too much fixation on Lacey's seduction. This is the first book in the Montana Men series and a number of interesting characters that will have story lines in subsequent books appear in this one. Also, there is an unresolved issue that compels me to read the next book in the series. This is a fairly interesting story if you can tolerate the first third of the book. Maybe I'm just to old for this type of conversation and others will find it okay. I recommend the book, with this caution and is good enough to make me want to read the next.