New York to Dallas (In Death, No. 33)

New York to Dallas (In Death, #33) - J.D. Robb Eve faces a dangerous pedophile she captured as a rookie cop who has escaped from Rikers. In a macabre twist, Isaac McQueen chooses Dallas, Texas for his face-off with Eve, which once again has her returning to the city that holds mostly bad memories for her. There were times when I was on the edge of my seat with this story and others when I felt it lacked its traditional edge. Maybe the venue being outside of New York City contributed to this as well as Eve also facing bigger demons this go-round. I love that Eve is maturing emotionally but there were segments where our acerbic cop was a little too soft around the edges. And, once again, Peabody isn't working by her side for most of the book, which is a real tragedy. Their interplay is integral to the series. With that said, this was one of the most vile villains I've seen in the entire series. The police procedural aspects were pitch perfect and helped the story maintain its edge. McQueen is a formidable challenger and he's scary in a very bad way. As expected, we do learn more about Eve's history. You'll have to read the book for more spoilers here. I found the book extremely interesting though it fell a little short of my expectations. Bring Peabody back to the forefront and leave the softer, kinder Eve in Dallas.