I'm Watching You

I'm Watching You (Romantic Suspense, #3) - Karen Rose Kristen Mayhew has a secret admirer of the worst kind...a serial killer who dispenses his form of justice to the criminals she was unsuccessful in prosecuting. She's an assistant State's Attorney in Chicago and those defendants in her losing efforts are being murdered.Homicide Detective Abe Reagan, along with his new partner, is assigned to the case and he has an immediate attraction to Kristen, as does she for him. But, they both have serious issues from their pasts that stand in the way to their forming a relationship.It's an interesting case, one that tests your concept of justice as those being murdered have behaved deplorably in life. These aren't sympathetic characters but they, too, deserve to have the killer atone for their deaths. The public reactions are also predictable and those who were unsuccessfully tried by Kristen now live in fear. Her life is threatened and Abe becomes part of her protection, which serves to accelerate their romance.This is another solid story that meets the expectations set by the previous two books in the series. The cast of characters has dimension...the "good guys" are extremely likable and the "baddies" are deliciously evil, which really heightens the tension between defining good and evil behavior. This is such a good story, even though I correctly pinpointed the killer early on. Rose is good at weaving romance and suspense and I'm anxious to continue with the next book in the series. You'll want to settle back and just immerse yourself in this suspenseful mystery and enjoy the writing.