Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8)

Lover Mine  - J.R. Ward This was a fascinating story with as many as five separate plots presented and ultimately converging. John Matthew's relationship with Xhex evolves in the midst of her abduction by Lash. Darius' early days with the Brotherhood is revisited. Payne and Wrath continue their routine sparring. A house in South Carolina is visited by a Hollywood producer who specializes in paranormal phenomena. Lastly, the complicated relationship between Qhuinn and Blay becomes more intense as both introduce others into the fray. As if there weren't enough going on, Lash's relationship with his father and the Lessening Society continues to develop.  He focuses on strengthening the organization using unconventional measures. Tohr's return to the Brotherhood is also chronicled, along with his strained relationship with John Matthew.It was difficult to put this book down and it's a long story. The dynamics of every relationship are intense with plenty of action and surprises. Many of the Brotherhood have roles to play and Doc Jane certainly gets a workout. This may be one of the best in the series to date.