The Cinderella Deal

The Cinderella Deal - Jennifer Crusie Linc Blaise lies in an interview so he could stand a better chance of being hired by a private college. He needs to find a fake fiancé quickly for the follow up meeting. Daisy Flattery has run out of money and her prospects for making enough from her art seem slim. It's a perfect storm for two people in a jam. This was my first Jennifer Crusie novel and I couldn't be more pleased. While the premise of the book is a bit outlandish, the actual story as delivered simply isn't. These are extremely likable characters, even when they were behaving badly. The romantic conflict was not protracted and the relationship between the two leads flourished honestly and sweetly. It was well written and the dialogue was fresh and succinct. Lastly, Crusie did a wonderful job in illustrating Daisy's talents beyond her canvas painting. If I have any criticism it's the decision by the author (**SPOILER ALERT**) to have Daisy's best friend be a former lover of Linc's and not address the ick factor of that. I highly recommend this short but pleasing book. It surpassed my expectations.