Extreme Exposure (I-Team Series, Book 1)

Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare Kara McMillan, a reporter for Independent Denver and a member of its I-team (investigative reporters), is approached by a potential whistleblower to expose his employer for illegal and harmful waste disposal. She not only is able to substantiate his claims but finds that the corruption extends beyond the company to include state elected officials and government agencies. Kara is also a single mother with a four-year old son. She meets state senator Reece Sheridan following an embarrassing "tipsy" encounter with him at a bar during a night out with her best friend. Reece takes her home but leaves her at the door and follows up for a more sobering encounter and from there the sparks fly. Kara hasn't been in a relationship since her disasterous relationship with her son's father, who wants no part of her or her son. She's vulnerable but Reece is persistent and committed.The investigation into the corruption around the illegal waste disposal was interesting and somewhat suspenseful. However, it wasn't too tough to figure out the potential suspects, though their nastiness did provide some tension to the romance between Kara and Reece. He's a really good guy but lacked any flaws to make him more interesting and credible. Kara has a lot of baggage that seemed to dissipate pretty quickly, which didn't seem realistic for the time frame.I enjoyed this book but it was a little low on the suspense meter. There are some really steamy moments between Kara and Reece, even though their romance may have moved a bit quickly. Even so, I'd recommend this book and intend to continue the series. My rating is 3.5 ★s