Deadly Fear

Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden FBI Special Agent Luke Dante is excited about joining the Serial Services Division (SSD) a new unit of the agency dedicated to tracking serial killers, rapists and arsonists. He's surprised to learn on his first day that the woman he's never forgotten, Monica Davenport, is part of the unit and is assigned as the leader of his first case. He's all about picking up where they left off; she's staying true to her nickname...Ice.The case they're assigned is in Jasper, Mississippi where two women have been murdered, appearing to be the work of the same killer. All signs are leading them to believe the killer subjects the victims to confronting their worst fears before dying. There also seems to be a connection to an incarcerated killer nicknamed Romeo.This a page-turning psychological thriller that will keep your brows knit as you try to keep track of and interpret the clues. There are many twists and turns as Monica and Luke race against time to anticipate the killler's next moves. Monica also has a past that seems to connect with the case, unbeknownst to Luke. In the end, I went against instinct and selected the wrong person as the culprit.Cynthia Eden has an unusual writing style that makes it difficult at times to follow the dialogue but not enough to affect the overall rythym of the story. It has multiple subplots and the romantic tension between Luke and Monica adds to the suspense. I fully intend to continue with this series.