Kiss of Crimson (The Midnight Breed, Book 2)

Kiss of Crimson - Lara Adrian This second book in the Midnight Breed series delivers with Dante's story. The committed "bachelor" inadvertently feeds from a Breedmate, which means he has established a lifelong bond as a result. Tess, a veterinarian, has no idea she is a Breedmate, and is curiously drawn to the handsome but fiercesome Dante, not knowing he's a vampire and drank from her.Meanwhile, Dante and the other warriors are desperately trying to find the source of a new drug, Crimson, that has the effect of immediately diseasing vampires with Bloodlust and turning them into Rogues. They determine a connection to Tess that further complicates Dante's relationship with her.Dante and Tess have chemistry and their romance was tangled with the main plot of the story, making it even more compelling. The surprise villain was interesting as he tried to justify his behavior and struggled, though swiftly, with the moral issues surrounding his behavior. The pursuit of the Crimson dealer and laboratory was exciting, with unexpected consequences throughout. The outcomes are not predictable.This is my favorite of the two books in the series to date and I cannot wait to continue on to book three.”