Kiss of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 1)

Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian The vampire world is separated into two groups, the Rogues who succomb to Bloodlust and indiscriminately feed and kill the humans and the Breeds who work to combat the other. A superior group within the Breeds, the warriors of the Order, have as their mission to target the Rogues and take them out.Lucan is the head of the Order and has not taken a Breedmate in his lifetime. He is one of the Gen One members, being the direct sire of one of the original Ancients. Lucan is commited to the mission with no time for anything but the Order...until he meets Gabrielle. She, unknowingly, is a Breedmate, a rare human who can mate with a Breed member and have their sons. The romantic encounters between Lucan and Gabrielle sizzle, especially as this all happens without her being aware that Lucan is a vampire and she is a Breedmate. She also has a special gift that has landed her in the scope of the Rogues and put her life at risk. Lucan's evolution from a loner and single focused leader to Gabrielle's mate was interesting to follow. This first book in the series establishes an intriguing world and conflict that will be interesting to follow in subsequent stories. I plan on continuing the series to learn more about the warriors of the Order and the mysterious leader organizing the Rogues