Midnight Awakening (The Midnight Breed, Book 3)

Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian Elise Chase left her protected world of the Darkhavens now that both her mate, Quentin, and her son, Camden, are dead. She made a vow to avenge Camden's death, which came at the hands of the Rogues after succombing to the effects of the drug Crimson. Elise is her own one-woman army, using her gift of hearing dispicable human thoughts to target Minions for the kill. When she gets into trouble returning home too close to dark and is attacked by Rogues, Tegan, the warrior of the Order, unwittingly comes to her rescue. He has no idea what Elise has been up to but figures it out when he takes her back to her apartment and watches her suffer, not having the means to shut off all the noises assaulting her head. Tegan can't get Elise off of his mind and continues to watch out for her, teaching her how to manage her gift. Their missions intersect when Elise recovers a package from the last Minion she slayed that holds the key to Lucan's brother Marek master plans to organize the Rogues and destroy the Order.This is a story of two broken and damaged people in Elise and Tegan who somehow find their answers in each other. Their blossoming relationship is sensitively and realistically portrayed. Particularly interesting in this story is the dimunitive and delicate Elise whose quiet strength, intelligence and bravery shatters Tegan's defenses. She is key to unlocking the mystery of Marek's plans and instrumental in helping the warriors defend the Order.While the story moves pretty quickly, Tegan's reluctance to acknowledge Elise's feelings, when his gift is to sense peoples' emotions, was unrealistic and bogged down the story at times. The clashes with the Minions and Rogues still are as exciting as they were in the previous two books in the series.Tegan and Elise's story is, by far, the best in the series to date. Here's hoping we continue to see more of Elise in future stories as vital to the strategic work of the Order.