Hannah's List (Blossom Street Series)

Hannah's List - Debbie Macomber, Fred Stella Pediatrician Dr. Michael Everett recently lost his wife to ovarian cancer. A year after her death, he's still in mourning and can't move on with his life. On the first anniversary of her death, his brother-in-law gives him a letter from his deceased wife, Hannah, who apparently knew he would be in the same place. She encourages him to move on and "lists" three women she recommends he start with. The first is her cousin, Winter, who was her best friend; the second is Leanne, who was her oncology nurse during her chemo sessions and the third is Macy, a woman who befriended her after helping to create a mural for a charity project.Michael reluctantly reaches out to each of these women at different junctures of the story. All three women have their own experiences with relationships that they bring to their encounters with Michael. Each help him in some way to slowly address his grief and he finds himself slowly moving forward. In the end, he finds himself falling in love with one of the women, to his own surprise and happiness.This is a competently written story that does a good job of articulating each character's feelings about the past relationships. I believe the attention to that detail may have affected the stories involving the current relationships. They lacked passion and sensuality and made this story just average. In the end, I was pleased with Michael's choice but the story didn't lead you to her with enough romance. It felt as if we were being provided the information without us being involved in the evolution.I listened to this story on audiobook, which seems to have made it more interesting. If I had to read it, I probably would not have finished or just skipped to the end. It is well written but a bit boring.