Stealing Shadows (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series #1) by Kay Hooper

Stealing Shadows (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series #1) by Kay Hooper - Cassie Neal thought she had finally found peace when she left Los Angeles and settled in Ryan's Bluff, North Carolina. A psychic who had worked with detectives to locate serial killers and that ilk, she was looking to put her gifts to rest and live out her life in solitude. Unfortunately, even small towns can bear the same sins as the big city when women are turning up murdered in Cassie's new home. She reaches out to the skeptical Sheriff to offer her help and then seeks the help of the town's prosecutor, Ben Ryan, when she's rejected. Cassie and Ben have an immediate connection but she is reluctant to follow through on it, feeling she's destined for tragedy.This is a chilling story as you anticipate not only who the killer is but who will be the next victim. Hooper does an admirable job of drawing you into minor characters and having you invest in their outcome. I found myself dreading who the next victim might be as I was unwilling to give up on any of those I'd come to know in the story. The plot was complex while seemingly simple. There were enough clues for me to have a shot at solving the mystery and I came pretty close. The end of the story had an extremely interesting twist that could have been deduced. My only criticism is that the romance meter was a little low but adequate. Ben was very attractive with the requisite amount of flaws and Cassie, of course, was appealing in a poignant way. But, it was difficult to make the emotional connection because it was written pretty dispassionately. This was an excellent start to a promising series, which I plan to continue. It was high on mystery and suspense, keeping my pulse rate elevated through much of the story.