Where's My Hero?

Where's My Hero? - Julia Quinn, Kinley MacGregor, Lisa Kleypas “Lady Aline Marsden and John McKenna became friends when she was eight years old and he, orphaned, was taken in by her families estate as a young stableboy. Nurtured by the housekeeper, McKenna, as he came to be called, and Aline were inseparable. When she was nineteen, Aline let McKenna know her feelings were no longer that of a child and thus began their covert relationship. While they knew their relationship was futile, Aline and McKenna continued their secretive romance until someone informed her father. McKenna was forced to leave the estate and Aline made certain he'd never return for fear of her father's retribution.Twelve years later, McKenna returns to the Marsden estate, a wealthy and accomplished man who has revenge in his heart. Aline is also carrying secrets that provide an additional wedge between the couple. Gideon Shaw, an American from the New York aristocracy and a renowned drunkard, accompanies McKenna and is immediately smitten by Aline's younger sister Livia, who is recovering from her own tragic circumstances. This story is a prequel to the Wallflower series about the sisters of Lord Marcus. It is a poignant tale of four damaged people who are struggling to find their way in these relationships. It is told honestly and you feel their pain as they make their separate progress. I would have preferred reading this book before the starting the series but it doesn't make a difference. It is an emotional story involving some very likable and appealing characters. I highly recommend the book, one of Kleypas' finest. ”