Black Hills

Black Hills - Nora Roberts Lil Chance and Coop Sullivan met in the Black Hills of South Dakota when they were 10 and 11, respectively. They fell in love as teenagers and went their separate ways when Coop returned to New York and broke things off. Now, after ten years, they are both back in South Dakota, Coop returning to help his grandparents and Lil running her wild animal refuge. Lil cannot get past her broken heart but Coop is determined to win her back. In the meantime, someone is trying to harm Lil and ruin her refuge. This story is chock full of interesting characters and suspense. Lil and Coop make a great couple and you will find yourself in his corner, rooting for him as he attempts to gain Lil's trust and commitment. As with any Nora Roberts book, there is an educational component as we learn about the management of a wildlife refuge. It's interesting as well as informative. My only criticism is the storyline involving the attempts on Lil was protracted and could have developed at a faster pace. However, the ending was exciting, which made up for the length of the tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to any fan of contemporary romantic suspense.