Mackenzie's Mountain

Mackenzie's Mountain - Linda Howard Mary Potter moves from Savannah, Georgia to Ruth Wyoming after accepting a job as a teacher for the small community. She soon discovers that the school's top student, Joe Mackenzie, has dropped out of school. Mary goes to visit the Mackenzies to get Joe back in school but gets trapped on the way up their mountain in the middle of frigid winter temperatures. Wolf MacKenzie, Joe's father, rescues her and takes her into their home. They have an immediate physical attraction, one that is taboo for Wolf given he is considered to be a "halfbreed" and outcast in the town. Mary considers herself to be a spinster and is inexperienced at love.Mary is feisty and takes on the town's prejudices as she fights for Joe and her relationship with Wolf. She is the most unlikely of champions but is highly effective. Meanwhile, there is a rapist on the loose in their small community and this situation forces the people of Ruth to confront their bigotry.This is a heartwarming story about character, prejudice and community. Mary and Wolf's relationship is touching and funny at times. The story is told honestly without the usual stereotypes of hatred and bigotry being used. The people of Ruth are given an opportunity for redemption as they examine their values and moral codes to judge other people.I have had this book for almost a year and wish I had read it sooner and one I highly recommend.