Breaking the Rules (Troubleshooters)

Breaking the Rules - Suzanne Brockmann This 16th book in the Troubleshooters series is primarily Izzy and Eden's story, where we see both of them do a bit of growing up. Dan Gillman and Jenn LeMay also have their moment but to a lesser extent.We have an opportunity to delve into the dysfunctional past of the Gillman family and learn more about Eden and Dan and why their relationship is so fractured. Their youngest sibling, Ben, is introduced and is central to them finding a way to create a healthier relationship.The excitement stems from a relationship Ben forms with a young girl who has escaped from sex slave traders. Izzy and Dan end up having to play team to deal with the men from the organization who have threatened their family. While it doesn't rise to the complex level we've seen in previous TS books, it serves as a mechanism to explore the complexities of Izzy and Eden, which on the surface may sound like an oxymoron.Both Izzy and Eden's backstories will have you reassessing the two characters and having a greater appreciation for the both of them. You see a side of Izzy that you didn't know he had and understand the underpinnings of his personality. The real transformation is with Dan Gillman, who has appeared to be one of the more shallow characters in the series. It was interesting to see all this develop and culminate at the end of the story.While Brockmann has intimated this may be the last book in the series, she's left some loose ends for at least one more story. This might be accomplished through the short stories she plans to publish. Let's hope so.I thought this was a good story, full of humor and sadness. You'll pull for Izzy and Eden and maybe find redemption for Dan Gillman. I enjoyed it and highly recommend the book.